How Penis Ring Work To Enlarge Your Penis

A penis ring or penis thread is a thick rubber band worn on the penis, typically at the head. The primary function of wearing a penis ring, also called a cock ring, is to limit the flow of blood into the penis to create or maintain an erect penis for a longer amount of time or to hold an erection for an extended period of time without ejaculation.

Wearing a penis ring helps prevent premature ejaculation by providing additional traction that helps keep the penis erect for a longer time frame. It is not intended to provide men with pain relief. So rather serves as part of their penis enhancement routines.

Many men who are looking to enlarge their penis have turned to penis rings as a method of achieving these goals.

The penis ring can be worn while masturbating and/or during extended periods of masturbation.

Because it provides additional sensations that increase pleasure and/or arousal. Some men do not recommend wearing a ring when having sex. Because some of the extra grip provided by the silicone may be uncomfortable or cause skin irritation if it is worn too tight.

With the many rings available today, there are several different types and materials including the ever popular “alkaline” penis ring. These penis rings combine the best of both silicone and gemstone materials. It`s offer men the most realistic sensations and comfort during sex and/or masturbation.

Before purchasing a ring, be sure to consult your partner if you plan to wear one. As she will be able to better understand and appreciate your decision. It is important to keep in mind that a ring can only help make your erection more firm. More permanent if worn correctly. If you are not sure about how to properly wear the ring, a professional should help you with this process.